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Ask your MoCs to wield the Power of the Purse!

In our “checks and balances” government, Congress holds the power of the purse—the authority to direct how the government spends money, and thereby what the government does and how. Trump administration programs and schemes can be blocked by denying them funds, and some of their destructive regulation and rule changes can be countered by mandating how funds have to be used.

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Cut the Department of Homeland Security's Massive Budget

Congress has a choice to make. Right now, Democrats have two options on the table: help pass a full year of funding for DHS with at least $1.6 billion for the wall and enforcement, OR refuse to pass anything but a funding bill that keeps the government running and has no new funding for the wall and enforcement. They should make sure Trump’s shutdown showdown strategy is not rewarded with the building of his costly, unnecessary wall and instead pass a funding bill with no new funding.

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