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Live in San Francisco? You're represented by the following elected officials. Add their contact info to your phone. You’ll be calling them often.

What's going on in Sacramento? Visit our State and Local Bill Tracker page.

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US Senate

US House of Representatives

Bonus Federal Actions

State of California Governor

California State Senate

California State Assembly

Bonus State Actions

City of San Francisco Officials

US Senate

Photo: D

Senator Dianne Feinstein

Scorecard: B-

SF Office(415) 393-0707

DC Office(202) 224-3841

LA Office(310) 914-7300

San Diego Office(619) 231-9712

Fresno Office(559) 485-7430

Mailing Address: Sen. Dianne Feinstein, U.S. Senate, 331 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington DC 20510

If you can't get through to one office, try another.  There is no benefit to calling one office over another.  Calls are tracked by zip code and by position on the issue about which you are calling. Therefore, it's best not to combine multiple issues per call but to make separate calls for each issue about which you are concerned. Leaving a voicemail is as good as reaching a live person. Both are treated equally. All calls are consolidated and reported to the D.C. office daily. Hate the phone? Resistbot is your friend.

In-depth personal stories, describing why these issues are important to you, are very powerful but are most effective if submitted in writing via the Senator's website here.


Senator Kamala Harris

Scorecard: A+

SF Office(415) 981-9369

DC Office(202) 224-3553

Sacramento Office(916) 448-2787

LA Office(213) 894-5000

San Diego Office(619) 239-3884

Mailing Address: Sen. Kamala Harris, U.S. Senate, 112 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington DC 20510

Call the SF office first, but try the other offices if you can’t get through. If you keep calling and can’t get to a live person, then leave a voicemail and also send a follow-up email. Hate the phone? Resistbot is your friend.

If you do send an email, it’s essential that you write it in your own words. Copy-pasted emails are discounted by Congressional staff. We have to show that these issues mean so much to us that we’re putting in serious effort.

Call Scripts for US Senators


US House of Representatives

Unsure which of these Congresswomen represent you? Find out!


House Leader Nancy Pelosi

Scorecard: B+

SF Office(415) 556-4862

DC Office: (202) 225-4965

Mailing Address: Hon. Nancy Pelosi, House of Representatives, 233 Cannon H.O.B. , Washington, DC 20515

Call the SF office first, but try the DC office if you can’t get through. If you get voicemail, hang up and try a few more times to talk to a real person. Don’t give up! Short direct messages are most effective. Hate the phone? Resistbot is your friend.

You can also email effectively if you use your own words. Contact information is posted at


Representative Jackie Speier


San Mateo Office(650) 342-0300

DC Office(202) 225-3531

Mailing Address: Hon. Jackie Speier, House of Representatives, 2465 Rayburn HOB, Washington, DC 20515

Keep calling if you don’t get through. Voicemails are logged daily into a central report across offices. Add the numbers to your phone contacts and favorites. Call while waiting for the bus!

Hate the phone? Resistbot is your friend.

Call Scripts for US House Representatives


Bonus Federal Actions


State of California Governor 


Governor Gavin Newsom

Sacramento Office: (916) 445-2841


Email: Contact form

Mailing Address: Governor Gavin Newsom c/o State Capitol, Suite 1173, Sacramento, CA 95814

Call Scripts for Gov. Newsom


California State Senate 


State Senator Scott Wiener (CA District 11)

Sacramento Office(916) 651-4011

SF Office(415) 557-1300

Call Scripts for Sen. Wiener

Want to know everything going on in Sacramento? Visit our State and Local Bill Tracker page.


California State Assembly 

Unsure which of these Assembly members representatives you? Find out!


State Assemblyman David Chiu (CA Assembly District 17)

Sacramento Office(916) 319-2017

SF Office(415) 557-3013


State Assemblyman Phil Ting (CA Assembly District 19)

Sacramento Office(916) 319-2019

SF Office(415) 557-2312

Call Scripts for California State Assembly

Want to know everything going on in Sacramento? Visit our State and Local Bill Tracker page.


Bonus State Actions

Misc. Scripts


City of San Francisco Officials


Mayor London Breed

Mayor's Office Number(415) 554-6141

Call Scripts for Mayor Breed


Additional San Francisco City Officials

San Francisco Board of Supervisors

Find your SF supervisorial district here and your supervisor’s contact info here


San Francisco Sheriff's Department

Non-Emergency Sheriff's Department Number: (415)-575-6450

Call Scripts for SF Supervisors