Who We Are

Members of Indivisible SF are defined by our action and find solidarity in our shared opposition to Trump and Trumpism. Each of us explicitly reserves our individual stances on specific issues for other forums as we believe resisting Trump is more important than any single issue. We adhere to a Code of Conduct that welcomes and respects everybody.

Members of Indivisible SF come from all kinds of backgrounds and political persuasions. Some of us are first-time activists and others have been at this for decades. We are citizens and non-citizens. Most importantly, we are all patriots that want the best for our country and are willing to work for it. 

What Actions does Indivisible SF Take

We work to influence our Members of Congress (MoCs) and other elected representatives in multiple ways: 

  1. Meeting with our MoCs and their staffs. Indivisible SF has a standing monthly meeting with Senator Feinstein, and will soon have the same with Senator Harris and Representatives Pelosi and Speier. 
  2. Attend MoC sponsored events, especially town halls.
  3. Mass calling. Each week, Indivisible SF members make hundreds of calls to our MoCs.  We also participate in phone-banking to voters in other states to encourage them to contact their own MoCs.
  4. Media. Indivisible SF is a fast-growing chapter of the burgeoning Indivisible movement. The media is taking notice and we intend to use that attention to influence our MoCs and public policy. 
  5. State and Local Activism. We also apply the Indivisible Guide model to CA state and local politics through our subgroup, CA StateStrong.

Join Us

Welcome to Indivisible SF, a home for activism against President Trump's destructive agenda. 

Since the January 2017, over 4,000 San Franciscans have united as Indivisible SF to march in the Women's Marches, protest the Muslim Ban, meet regularly with our Members of Congress, and make thousands of phone calls to their offices to pressure them to do everything in their power to counter the policies and politics of Trumpism. There is much work in progress and many actions to come. 

If you want to actively resist Trump, please join us. All are welcome.

We strongly encourage you to attend our weekly orientation to get to know our community, learn more about how we operate internally, and to get involved. 

We meet weekly on Sundays from 4-6pm at the auditorium next to St. Mark's Church (1111 O'Farrell @ Franklin). There is a parking available in the lot in front of the church building.

Whatever you do, please start pressuring your Members of Congress, state representatives, and local officials now! There are always scripts on our homepage so there is no need to wait.

Support the Movement

Indivisible SF is an all volunteer organization. Donations help fund events we host (e.g. the Families Belong Together march and rally) and basic operations (e.g. website/newsletter costs, meeting space rental, etc.). 

Don't Live in San Francisco?

There are over 80 Indivisible groups in the Bay Area alone, and more are popping up every day. It's easy to search for one near you!