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Submit public comment against nationwide “papers, please”

ICE agents can command any person in public, or in any place they're let into, to show their “papers, please”—and if they don't prove to the agents' satisfaction that they're a citizen or lawfully present, ICE—in a practice called “expedited removal”—can deport them immediately, without so much as an immigration court hearing.

The Trump administration wants to expand this power nationwide.

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Ask your MoCs to wield the Power of the Purse!

In our “checks and balances” government, Congress holds the power of the purse—the authority to direct how the government spends money, and thereby what the government does and how. Trump administration programs and schemes can be blocked by denying them funds, and some of their destructive regulation and rule changes can be countered by mandating how funds have to be used.

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Protect Homeless People's Civil Liberties: Oppose SB 1045 Implementation

The Ordinance to implement SB 1045 was heard this Monday, May 13th in the Rules Committee, and in the vote was continued to next Monday, May 20th. Although it may fail in Committee,, Supervisor Mandelman plans to invoke a seldom-used tactic to force a vote by the full Board. It is imperative that you contact your Supervisor this week and let them know that you stand with the ACLU in opposing this Ordinance. Healthcare decisions must not be placed in the hands of the police.

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Fully Fund Our City, Our Home

A SF Budget and Finance Committee hearing will happen this Wednesday, Feb 6. Currently, there are no budget proposals on the table with funding for homeless families or youth, homelessness prevention, or community mental health. Ask the Committee members to fund Our City, Our Home for those who are most vulnerable in our city.

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