Say NO to Trump's Department of Labor Proposal That Will Irreparably Harm H-2A Farm Workers! (Deadline: Sep. 24)

The Trump Department of Labor announced plans to make sweeping revisions to the H-2A agricultural guest worker program to the detriment of farm workers. The proposed H-2A changes would weaken key protections for farm workers, limiting their ability to obtain employment with H-2A employers and exposing H-2A workers to greater vulnerability and costs.

Original, well-informed public comment can help stop bad policy. Write your comment by September 24th to oppose changes to immigration H-2A visa program!


The Trump Administration seeks to guarantee agribusiness unlimited access to a captive workforce—guest workers who are denied the rights and freedoms of immigrants and citizens. The proposal epitomizes the Trump Administration’s hostility toward immigrants. At the same time that the Administration takes steps to transform the farm labor force of roughly 2.4 million people into a workforce of 21st-century indentured servants, it is demonizing hard-working immigrants and ratcheting up cruel and counterproductive arrests and deportations, targeting many of our nation’s current experienced and valued farm workers.