Ask Your Supervisor to Support and Attend a Hearing on Encampment Sweeps


San Francisco Board of Supervisors

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Call Script

“Hi my name is [name], and I’m a constituent living in [neighborhood].  

[If your Supervisor is anyone OTHER than Matt Haney]

I’m calling because I’m worried about the homeless people in our city, especially during this cold and rainy weather. We don’t have anywhere near enough shelter beds and yet SFPD and City employees are confiscating tarps and tents. This is not only cruel, it’s unconstitutional.

I’m asking [Supervisor] to prioritize addressing this crisis, starting with Supervisor Haney’s upcoming hearing on homeless sweeps in bad weather. This hearing needs to get scheduled ASAP and I want to see [Supervisor] there. More severe weather is on the way-- we urgently need to stop the harassment and find more adequate shelter.  

[If your Supervisor is Matt Haney]

“I’m calling to thank you for calling a hearing on Homeless Sweeps! Please do everything you can to get it scheduled soon. I’m worried about the homeless people in our city, especially during this cold and rainy weather.”


Supervisor Haney has called for a hearing on the City’s response to homelessness in extreme weather. The hearing has not been scheduled yet, so we need YOU to call your District Supervisor and ask them to do everything they can to prioritize this issue, as well as attend the hearing in person. With more storms and cold weather expected this week, people are suffering while the City delays.


According to a 2018 court ruling, west coast cities cannot criminalize people for sitting or lying outdoors when there is nowhere for them to seek shelter. There are over 1100 people on the waiting list for single bed shelters each night, and the City continues to quietly confiscate donated survival gear, including tents and tarps. Meanwhile, Mayor Breed recently boasted about “cleaning the streets” and the City touted its abilities in providing a scanty 25 additional mats for over 4,000 homeless people.   

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