Support Scott Wiener's statement not to bail out PG&E and create a public utility instead.


State Senator Scott Wiener (CA District 11)

Sacramento Office(916) 651-4011

SF Office(415) 557-1300

California Governor Gavin Newsom

Sacramento Office(916) 445-2841


Unsure which of the following Assembly members represents you? Find out!

State Assemblyman David Chiu (CA Assembly District 17)

Sacramento Office(916) 319-2017

SF Office(415) 557-3013

State Assemblyman Phil Ting (CA Assembly District 19)

Sacramento Office(916) 319-2019

SF Office(415) 557-2312


My name is __________. I am a constituent, and my zip code is _______. I am a member of Indivisible SF.

I’m calling to thank the [Senator or Assemblymember] for his statement to not bail-out PG&E and support the creation of a Public Utility instead. I ask that the public utility provide safe, clean and affordable power for California rate-payers.


PG&E has failed to keep the residents of Northern California safe — from the San Bruno gas explosion to last year’s North Bay fire to the ongoing Camp Fire — all because they prioritize shareholder’s profit margins over public safety. PG&E has failed to maintain their equipment, resulting in hundreds of lives lost and homes destroyed. They should not be rewarded for making poor decisions over and over again by receiving a bailout.

Update: PG&E shares plunged more than 20% Monday as concerns mounted that the company might be forced to seek bankruptcy protection or a bailout. PG&E should not be rewarded for making poor decisions over and over again by receiving a bailout. Tell the new State legislature that we want a California-owned and operated electricity system. Publicly-owned regional Grid Operators could manage energy delivery throughout different regions of the state while also keeping the grid safe, investing in modernization, and enabling electrification of new sectors of our economy (like transportation).

PG&E has failed rate-payers in California and announced it will file for bankruptcy. Let's create a public utility that will provide safe, clean and affordable power to the residents of California.