Support Prop C: Our City, Our Home


San Francisco Board of Supervisors

Find your SF Supervisorial district here and your Supervisor’s contact info here


NOTE: Please ONLY call if your Supervisor is Malia Cohen or Catherine Stefani, who have not yet taken a position. We also have a separate for Katy Tang, who opposes the measure.

Call Script

I’m calling today to ask the Supervisor to endorse Prop C, Our City, Our Home. Indivisible SF has already endorsed this measure because we believe that resisting Trump includes addressing economic disparity in our own city. Prop C was crafted by a coalition of 25 organizations that work directly with the homeless and those most in danger of losing their homes. It would re-tax wealthy businesses a tiny fraction of the enormous break they received from Trump’s tax scam.

These companies benefit enormously from doing business in San Francisco and have contributed significantly to the displacement that has occurred. It's time for them to give something back.
Can I count on the Supervisor to make a public statement in support of Prop C?


Prop C (Our City, Our Home) would add a gross receipts tax of about 0.5% on businesses that make more than $50M in revenue a year in San Francisco  in order to raise $300M a year for housing and supportive services for the homeless and additional services for thousands more who are in danger in losing their homes.


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