Approve the Affordable Housing Act (Supervisors Safai and Tang ONLY)


San Francisco Supervisors Safai and Tang ONLY

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Call Script

I’m calling today to ask the Supervisor to vote YES on the Resolution supporting California State Proposition 10, the Affordable Housing Act, when it comes to the Land Use Committee hearing on Monday, September 24th.

As you know, we currently face a tremendous statewide affordable housing crisis, and Prop 10 would provide a crucial first step in addressing that crisis.

Can I count on the Supervisor to vote for the Resolution to Support Prop 10?


The Proposed Resolution is here:

An overwhelming majority of homeless people in San Francisco were previously-housed San Franciscans, who lost their home due to rising, exorbitant rents. Addressing the lack of affordable housing in San Francisco will go a long way to mitigating the homelessness crisis.

Proposition 10, the Affordable Housing Act, has already been endorsed by the California Democratic Party, the ACLU, PolicyLink and many other organizations, is a crucial first step in equipping our most vulnerable populations with the power to lobby their local representatives to address their needs. 

The measure in and of itself would not instill rent control; it would give cities and counties the power to enact affordability measures for their constituents, should they choose to do so. 

The “YesOn10” campaign is already being outspent 10 to 1 by its deep-pocketed opponents, and an endorsement from the city of San Francisco would be a great help.


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