Standing with Immigrants at home and at the border

On Saturday, join us at a Candlelight Vigil 5pm-6pm on the corner of Powell St. and Market St. We will hear from CARECEN and SOA Watch about the realities of the migrant caravan at the border, and about the hardships faced by immigrants in ICE detention. We will also be raising money to a fund of 12 groups working directly with immigrants. Donate online or by texting “STOPTHETEARS” to 555888.

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Anna KrasnerImmigration
Talking to your friends and family about Trump

To help the Resistance thrive, and to prevent a repeat of these trying times, we need to convince our friends and family who’ve supported Trump to stop supporting him and start opposing him with us. This will not happen quickly—we must start now. And it will not happen easily—we must prepare to have some uncomfortable conversations.

To help you prepare, here are some suggestions on what you can do.

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Anna Krasner
Indivisible SF Statement Against Political Violence

Indivisible San Francisco condemns and opposes political violence. We stand united against racial, religious, and political hate crimes such as last Monday's racist murder of a Black man and woman in a Kentucky grocery store, the dozen bombs mailed during midweek to Democratic Party leaders and news media opponents of Trump, and the explicitly anti-Semitic mass killing of 11 Jews at Saturday sabbath services in Pittsburgh.

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The Constitution lists treason, bribery, high crimes, and misdemeanors as grounds for impeachment. It defines treason as giving aid and comfort to our enemies. We’ve outlined six ways that Trump's actions fit those parameters.

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