Vote NO on Mayor Breed's Amendment to the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance


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Call Script

Hi, my name is _____________ and I live in <district name> I am a constituent of Supervisor <SUPERVISOR NAME> and a member of Indivisible SF.

I am calling to ask Supervisor <SUPERVISOR NAME> to vote NO on Mayor Breed’s Amendment to the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance that would extend the date by which projects eligible for temporary Inclusionary Housing requirements must obtain a building or site permit. San Francisco is in dire need of affordable housing NOW, and this amendment will allow developers to delay implementation of the Prop C, passed in June 2016, almost indefinitely. As such, I oppose an extension of this exemption.

I would like to remind the Supervisor that at least two developments—the Transbay Area Project and the Giant’s site—already have more than 25% affordable housing, so the argument that developers might abandon their projects, if they are required to increase the number of affordable units, is weak at best.

Can I count on Supervisor <SUPERVISOR NAME> to vote NO on this ordinance?


***Note: This is about Prop C passed in June 2016, not about Our City, Our Home that is on the ballot this November***

Proposition C was passed in June 2016 to raise the inclusionary requirements for new housing developments to 25% affordable on-site units (from 12%). Some development projects that were in the pipeline at the time were grandfathered in and given an exemption from the 25% for two years. If those projects received their entitlements in those two years, then they could stay at the former inclusionary requirement of 12%. If those projects did not receive their entitlements in those two years, then the exemption would expire on December 7, 2018 and those projects would need to raise their inclusionary amount to 25%.  

What happened:

  • On Tuesday, September 18th, Mayor London Breed introduced legislation to extend the deadline for this exemption.

  • Currently, there are about 45 projects affected by this grandfathering deadline.

  • The new deadline would be whenever approved by the Planning Commission (could be any amount of time) PLUS 30 months (2.5 years).

  • The legislation will likely be heard this Monday, October 22nd at 1:30pm at the Land Use Committee. If it passes out of committee, it will likely go to the full Board of Supervisors the next day (Tuesday, October 23rd). Monday will be the only opportunity for public comment.

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