Fired up to take action? 

Awesome! Here are three things you can do to get started. 

  1. Call your elected officials. We post scripts every week to give you the info you need to speak with confidence about the most important issues right now. Wondering how our calls make a difference since we live in a Blue district in a Blue state? Read this explainer.

  2. Sign up for our newsletter to get weekly actions and event info delivered to your inbox.

  3. Come to a meeting. We meet every Sunday afternoon.


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About Indivisible

Indivisible SF is one of thousands of local groups that use the principles of the Indivisible Guides to take action against the GOP's agenda, elect local champions and fight for progressive policies. The original Indivisible Guide was written by two former Congressional staffers after Trump's election. It was updated and expanded into two guides after the 2018 midterm elections, which gave us a majority in the House and a blue trifecta in several states (including California). These are handbooks on constituent lobbying and activism on the national and state level. You should read them.

The Indivisible National website is a great resource. It provides explainers on issues, Congressional procedures and effective lobbying efforts in the context of whatever’s going on in the moment. They also publish an excellent weekly newsletter which typically takes a deep dive on a key issue of the week (sign up on their homepage).

Indivisible CA: StateStrong is a coalition of grassroots Indivisible groups using civic engagement to advance progressive values in the California state government. We include the most important state scripts in our newsletter and on our Call your Reps page, but you can track all the bills in the state legislature on the CA StateStrong website.

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