We're a Blue District in a Blue State. What can we do?

We can do a lot, actually. 

There are many shades of blue, and even the bluest district in the bluest state has a lot of progress still to make. 

  • We can motivate our members of Congress to get in the way of the Trump/Republican agenda. Just because they’re Democrats doesn’t automatically mean they won’t compromise or make deals. This strategy works sometimes, but more often we’d rather they fought as hard as possible, and we remind them of that fact. And it works—we’ve seen our MoCs become less complicit and more resistant as we’ve pushed them to do so. 
  • Even our progressive members of Congress can still sponsor or help pass bad bills. Both our Senators cosponsored the censorship bill SESTA, and Representative Speier (CA-14, which includes the southwestern corner of SF) sponsored a bill to reduce the effectiveness of the Americans with Disabilities Act. We let them know our discontent, and we remember their good and bad decisions when the time of their next primary approaches. 
  • We lobby our State and City representatives as well. Indivisible CA StateStrong is a project of Indivisible SF, with participation from other Indivisible chapters statewide, that organizes state level activism—and has already achieved an impressive slate of wins. 
  • California may be a “blue state” in terms of Presidential elections, but there are plenty of red Congressional districts here! Our voter outreach efforts seek to flip these districts blue to take away the Republican majority in Congress. 
  • In general, our blueness is not a hindrance—it’s a leadership position. In California, we can enact progressive policies and take progressive stances, reap the benefits, and be an example to the rest of the country and the world that good government and inclusive, democratic society can be forces for tremendous good.
Quick StartLauren Carpenter