What Can I Do To Resist the Trump Agenda?

What should I do? We often hear this question as “what’s the most effective thing I can do?”

The answer is: whatever you can. Whatever interests you. Almost anything helps; there is no single best thing. The best thing for you to do is the thing that best fits your skills and your interests.

Indivisible SF does have some guidelines:

  • We are nonviolent. Indivisible SF does not organize or participate in actions that include violence. If violence occurs at an action, we leave. We don’t even joke about violence, to avoid giving the wrong impression.
  • We are law-abiding. We may participate in nonviolent civil disobedience, but this is rare; normally, we try to stay within the law. This includes getting permits from SFPD for our protests.
  • We are grassroots. We do not bother members of Congress who don’t represent us; we only call our own elected officials. Calling other members of Congress is astroturfing—fake grassroots.
  • We are inclusive. We don’t want to reinforce the same anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ+, anti-Muslim, anti-Black, and otherwise bigoted attitudes that this Administration embodies. We want to unlearn those attitudes and help others do so. We avoid perpetuating them in our actions.

Here are some specific things you can do with Indivisible SF:

  • Attend—or lead!—a breakout group on a topic that matters to you.
  • Attend—or organize!—a protest on an issue that matters to you. This could be a protest of a specific member of Congress who’s dragging their feet, or a general raising-public-awareness action.
  • Call, text, or write to voters in other districts/states to help flip Congress.
  • Suggest or write call scripts.
  • Call your members of Congress.
Quick StartLauren Carpenter