Thank your MoC's for Defending our Healthcare


Senator Dianne Feinstein

SF Office: (415) 393-0707
DC Office: (202) 224-3841
LA Office: (310) 914-7300
Fresno Office: (559) 485-7430
San Diego Office: (619) 231-9712

If you can't get through to one office, try another.  There is no benefit to calling one office over another. Leaving a voicemail is as good as reaching a live person. Hate the phone? Resistbot is your friend.

Senator Kamala Harris

SF Office: (415) 981-9369
DC Office: (202) 224-3553
Sacramento Office: (916) 448-2787
LA Office: (213) 894-5000
San Diego Office: (619) 239-3884

Call the SF office first, but try the other offices if you can’t get through. If you can’t get a live person, leave a voicemail and also send a follow-up email written in your own words. Hate the phone? Resistbot is your friend.


Note: only one of the following two Congresswomen represents you. To find out which one, click here.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi

SF Office(415) 556-4862

DC Office: (202) 225-4965

Call the SF office first, but try the DC office if you can’t get through. If you get voicemail, hang up and try a few more times to talk to a real person. Don’t give up! Short direct messages are most effective. Hate the phone? Resistbot is your friend.

Rep. Jackie Speier

San Mateo Office(650) 342-0300

DC Office(202) 225-3531

Keep calling if you don’t get through. Voicemails are logged daily into a central report across offices. Hate the phone? Resistbot is your friend.


Call Script

My name is __________. I am a constituent, and my zip code is _______. I am a member of Indivisible SF.

Thank you for your strong statements opposing Trump/Republican budget proposals that would weaken Medicare, remove preexisting condition protection, result in higher co-pays, eliminate free Obamacare plans for the very poor, impose work requirements designed to kick people off of Medicaid, cut funding for AIDS programs, slash expenditures on the Centers for Disease Control and National Cancer Institute, and result in an overall 12% reduction in healthcare spending.

Thank you also for standing against the Trump administration's effort to persuade the courts to eliminate the Affordable Care Act. You have my support and I urge you to hold firm.

Finally, please pass legislation such as S.3 the “Keeping Health Insurance Affordable Act,” HR.1384 the “Medicare for All Act,” and HR.1046 the “Medicare Negotiation and Competitive Licensing Act.”


Trump and the Republican leadership are proposing to slash healthcare spending while launching a legal attack aimed at completely eliminating Obamacare. Our four MoC are united in fierce opposition to this two-prong attack on our healthcare. We need to let them know they have our support so that they hold firm without compromise.


This Week's US Congressional Call Scripts: