Indivisible SF Supports Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House



We are ready for a bold, progressive vision for America--one that is truly by and for “We the People,” not just the already rich and powerful. We want a country where every citizen is able to vote, every vote counts and no one is above the law. We want a country where every family enjoys good healthcare and every child breathes clean air. We want a country where every worker gets a good job with a fair wage and every immigrant is free to pursue the American dream.  

We know from her record and leadership that Nancy Pelosi shares these values with us. This election cycle, she put her own campaign dollars to work to help to flip the House. Her Red-to-Blue HQ in San Francisco hosted daily phonebanks and textbanks to help Get Out the Vote around the country.


We also know that Nancy Pelosi is someone who can get things done. She has proven her ability to keep her caucus together on tough votes. We saw it years ago, when George W. Bush threatened to privatize Social Security, in the economic stimulus package of 2009, and in the Affordable Care Act, her signature legislative achievement.

The sweeping wins for progressive initiatives and candidates in the 2018 midterms make clear that America is ready for progressive change, and we know that Nancy Pelosi is ready to lead that change. We also know that she can’t do it alone. That’s why we are calling for the future speaker of the House to commit to appointing more members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus to seats and chairmanships on key committees, such as Ways and Means, Budget and Appropriations. Overall, we strongly support proportional representation of the newly elected progressive caucus within the “A” House Committees.

In the wake of a historic election that ushered in an unprecedented wave of women, people of color and LGBTQ+ to the freshman class of House members, a handful of Democrats in the House are attempting to stir opposition to her speakership. Make no mistake that this opposition comes from House members who stand to the political right of Nancy Pelosi.

We need a solidly progressive House speaker who has the skill and experience to build and maintain her caucus in order to pass bold legislation for America. That person is Nancy Pelosi.

Lauren Carpenter