Florida Recounts

Help Ensure Every Vote in Florida Counts

As of noon on Saturday, November 10, Florida's Republican gubernatorial nominee Ron DeSantis had a slight lead against his Democratic rival, Andrew Gillum, by 34,459 votes, a margin of .42 percentage points.

In the U. S. Senate race, Republican Gov. Rick Scott was ahead of incumbent Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson by 13,407 votes, a margin of .16 percentage points.

Florida law requires a machine recount when the leading candidate’s margin is 0.5 percentage points or less, and a hand recount if it’s 0.25 or less. Of course, Donald Trump and the rest of the GOP are claiming voter fraud, in an effort to halt the legally mandated recounts.

Support the candidates

Help with the recount

If you live in or near Florida, your support is needed there! Don’t live nearby? Forward this to someone you know in Florida or a surrounding state, or share on Facebook or Twitter:

What: Volunteer for the Florida recount efforts (organizing, operations, data, and other skills needed!)

Where: Across the state of Florida

When: Wednesday, November 14 through Sunday, November 19, multiple shifts per day

RSVP: Sign up to volunteer with the Nelson for Senate campaign here:

A direct plea from Democratic Lawyer Marc Elias

URGENT We need your help in Florida! The Nelson for Senate campaign needs lawyers and non-lawyers to help staff the recount. If you can spare the time, please help join the effort.

For lawyers who can help Gillum

Email: volunteer@andrewgillum.com with your name, count(ies) you can assist in, days available this week, best phone number, and best email address.


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Lauren Carpenter