Stop Trump's Proposed USDA Rule Change That Will End SNAP for 755,000 Low Income People - Deadline April 2


Please post a public comment directly with the USDA on the Federal Register Website, in opposition to the proposed rule limiting SNAP benefits by imposing work requirements on people receiving food aid here. (Deadline Apr 2).

Comment Suggestions

[NOTE: It’s recommended to use your own words and tell a personal story. Identical comments are bundled together and not given individual weight.]

Here are some things you can say:

  • I oppose stricter time limits to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

  • There are already strict rules for people who don’t have children or dependents (“able bodied adults without dependents”) who get food assistance through SNAP.

  • We should not make the existing rules even worse by taking away state flexibility to waive time limits if there aren’t enough jobs for low-income people.

  • Exposing more people to time-limited benefits, taking away states’ ability to waive time limits, and expanding the people the strict time limits apply to will only increase the number of people facing hunger in this country.


Some people can't afford to buy food. Some of those people are unable to find jobs. Why is that so difficult for the Trump administration to understand?

Last year, we succeeding in passing a 2018 Farm Bill that prevented the GOP from cutting food aid for millions of SNAP/CalFresh (food stamp) recipients, but now Trump's Department of Agriculture wants to sneak in the back door with an executive order to impose work requirements on people receiving food aid, limiting benefits to three months for unemployed and underemployed people without dependent children. The proposal takes away states' ability to waive SNAP's time limits in areas that don't have enough jobs. It could potentially disqualify 755,000 beneficiaries.

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