It's time to tax oil extraction to fund our climate goals


State Assemblyman Phil Ting (CA Assembly District 19)

Sacramento Office(916) 319-2019

SF Office(415) 557-2312


My name is __________. I am a constituent, and my zip code is _______. I am a member of Indivisible SF.

Please introduce an oil severance tax to fund the infrastructure necessary for California to transition to zero emissions vehicles by 2040.


Asm. Ting recently introduced a bill to transition California to an all-electric fleet by 2040. Transitioning from gas stations to electric vehicle charging stations at scale is a massive investment, and the state may need to play an important part in this transition—which takes money.

Climate change is an existential threat to California and to human beings in general. California is one of only a few states that does not tax oil extraction, and meeting our climate change goals will require serious investment. Let's tax the problem to fund the solution.