Support and Co-sponsor Accountable Capitalism Act (S.3348)


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Call Script

My name is __________. I am a constituent, and my zip code is _______. I am a member of Indivisible SF.

I’m calling to urge the Senator to support and co-sponsor the Accountable Capitalism Act (S.3348). Corporations are neither people nor citizens; they are legal fictions created by legislation. Today, their power and influence has grown wildly out of balance with the needs of our society and nation. 

his Act will help restore that balance, by requiring giant firms with more than a billion dollars in annual income to obtain a federal charter and follow policies that balance shareholder return with the interests of other stakeholders--employees, customers, shareholders, business partners, and the communities in which they operate.


Prior to the Reagan Era, many American corporations (perhaps most)  balanced the interests of stockholders with those of other stakeholders (employees, customers, community, business partners, and the corporation itself). On average, half their profits went to shareholders and the other half were reinvested. 

Then in the early '80s, about the time that CEOs were replacing Presidents at the top of corporate ladders, free-market ideologue Milton Friedman convinced business leaders to adopt his mantra that the only legitimate and legal purpose of a corporation is to act in the sole interest of  shareholders by “maximizing shareholder value.” Today, large American corporations dedicate 93% of their earnings to shareholders, while doing everything in their power to maximize total profits by reducing costs at the expense of employees, customers, partners, communities, and taxes. 

Since the advent of shareholder value maximization, worker productivity has risen steadily but real wages have stagnated and the share of national income that goes to workers has dropped markedly. Since 84% of American-held shares are owned by the top 10% of our richest households and most American households own no stock at all, corporate America’s commitment to “maximizing shareholder return” is a commitment to making the richest

Americans even richer at the expense of everyone else. And, of course, the share of taxes paid by corporations has plummeted. 
Yet corporations have always been legal fictions, “creatures of the State,” as Teddy Roosevelt's once called them. Now they've become immortal Frankenstein monsters wreaking havoc on the countryside. To address these issues, Elizabeth Warren  who is running for reelection as Massachusetts Senator (and possibly President in 2020) has introduced the Accountable Capitalism Act (S.3348) which sets up a legal framework that:

  • Requires corporations with more than $1 billion in annual revenue to obtain a federal charter which will obligate company directors to consider the interests of all corporate stakeholders – including employees, customers, shareholders, and the communities in which the company operates.

  • Requires that at least 40% of the directors of such federally-chartered corporations be selected by the corporation’s employees.

  • Restricts when company shares can be sold by directors and officers, in order to balance their personal financial incentives between shareholder returns and the long-term interests of all stakeholders.

  • Requires that federally chartered corporations must obtain both shareholder and board of directors approval for all political expenditures, to ensure that campaign expenditures benefit all corporate stakeholders.

  • Establishes that federally-chartered corporations may have their charters revoked for repeated and egregious illegal conduct that they have failed to take meaningful steps to address (subject to overrule by Congress).

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