1. Join Us

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2. Get the Impeachment Guide

Donald Trump is separating families and children, promoting religious discrimination, encouraging white supremacists, obstructing justice, and working with a foreign dictator to undermine our democracy.  

We must decide what kind of country we want to live in. Do we want to live in a country by and for a corrupt few? Or a country by and for all of us, no matter the color of our skin, the religion we practice or the people we love?

Impeachment will stop this president and allow us to build a country that works for all of us.

What will it take to impeach and remove Trump?  By now it’s clear that Congress will not act to remove Trump unless we make it a political necessity for them to do so.

History tells us that nonviolent social movements can quickly change the tide of public opinion and shape national decisions. Congress will only act when there is a groundswell of pressure coming from millions united around the demand for impeachment.

Indivisible SF is a part of a coalition of resistance organizations that are defending the freedom and dignity of all those who call it home. Our friends at By the People have written an excellent impeachment guide to how we, the people, can create that movement. Get the Guide and join our People’s Movement.

3. Tell Speaker Pelosi That We Can’t Wait. It’s #TimeToImpeach

Every day that Trump is in office, he is deporting, targeting and oppressing our people – and Congress is letting him get away with it.

More than 25 progressive groups just sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi demanding that she move forward with impeachment. Read the letter and tell Speaker Pelosi why our families and communities can't wait any longer for impeachment.

After doing those things, do you want to do more? We also have events you can come to, including our regular meeting.