Get Out the Vote for Midterms

Indivisible SF works with other Indivisible groups and allied organizations such as Democracy Action, Swing Left and Sister District to support efforts to elect progressives in red and purple districts.

Just because we are in a Blue district doesn't mean that there's nothing we can do to help flip Congress in the the upcoming mid-term elections.

Here are four ways that you can help:

1. Phone banking and text banking. After canvassing, the most effective way to confirm or persuade a vote is on the phone. Text banking is a fun, low-stress way to reach hundreds of people in a very short amount of time — and it works! We offer both at the Indivisible SF General Meeting on Sundays, but there are also opportunities though our allied groups throughout the week.

2. Write postcards. Postcarding is a low-key, fun and personal way to encourage voters in other districts. 

3. Join a canvassing event. Indivisible SF is helping canvass for Josh Harder in CA District 10 as well as Props 10 and C.

4. Read Indivisible National’s electoral guidesPractical Guide to Winning Elections and Voter Registration Guide (they’re like Indivisible Guide 2.0 and 3.0 for reaching and registering voters, respectively!).

5. Monitor the polls. Volunteer to be a poll monitor on November 6 with Help Protect the Vote


Phone and text banking



Join a Postcarding Party!


Write from home!

Vote Forward Letter Writing: Send heartfelt, handwritten "please vote" letters to unlikely-to-vote Democrats in key swing districts. It's easy, fast, and effective, having been shown to boost turnout by as much as 3.4 percentage points, a huge effect. You can write letters solo, or throw a party and invite some friends. Sign up and get approved to send letters at

Would you like to write notecards to get out the vote? Sign up here and the Tom Steyer GOTV campaign will send you 10 notecards with voter address and even pre-pay the postage!

And as usual, if you're interested in helping out in any way, let us know at!