SIGN SB221 to end gun shows at the state-owned Cow Palace in Daly City


Governor Jerry Brown

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I'm calling to urge Governor Brown sign SB 221, which will end gun shows at the state-owned Cow Palace.  I strongly support this bill and the local communities who have long opposed Cow Palace gun shows.


The state-owned Cow Palace in Daly City is the site of five gun shows every year, which take place near San Francisco’s neighborhoods that are most affected by gun violence. Each gun show offers free admission for children under 12. People who join the NRA or renew their membership at the gun show also get free admission.

The Cow Palace’s local communities have for many years opposed gun shows there. Their local governments have repeatedly passed resolutions seeking to stop the gun shows, but have no power to make that happen because the Cow Palace is owned by the state. The state representatives who represent the local communities have repeatedly introduced legislation to prohibit Cow Palace gun shows, including bills that passed in the legislature but were vetoed by Governors Schwarzenegger and Brown, most recently in 2013.

When Governor Brown vetoed a prior bill in 2013, he told the Cow Palace board of directors to work with their local communities to decide on gun show policy. But the board has taken no action. The Cow Palace has never held a public hearing on whether to hold gun shows—including in the five years since Governor Brown told the board to consult with its local communities. Instead, when the prior gun show contract was expiring in December 2016, the Board approved another three-year gun show contract as a consent item, without any hearing.

The California legislature has just passed another bill to end Cow Palace gun shows, SB 221. The local communities should not have to wait any longer to see if the Cow Palace board will finally listen to the local communities. The coummunities and their local and state representatives have done their part. Now we need Governor Brown to do his part, by signing SB 221


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