Repeal the artificial Gann Limit on state spending


State Assemblyman Phil Ting (CA Assembly District 19)

Sacramento Office(916) 319-2019

SF Office(415) 557-2312


My name is __________. I am a constituent, and my zip code is _______. I am a member of Indivisible SF.

Please introduce a state constitutional amendment to repeal the Gann Limit. It's redundant at the local level, and the state should be allowed to put surplus revenues into reserves for a rainy day.


The Gann Limit is one of the barriers that makes it impossible for California to fund single payer health care. Now is the time that state legislators are putting together their bill packages. It's time for California to move past Prop 13-era restrictions on our state and local government.

The Gann Limit is a provision in the California state constitution that restricts per-person state spending to (inflation-adjusted) 1978–1979 levels. Any excess revenues are split between taxpayer rebates and mandatory education spending—the Legislature cannot choose how to appropriate these funds.

Asm. Ting, chairman of the Budget Committee, cares a lot about the budget and is pro-reserves/rainy day fund. We want to join forces with Asm. Ting to free up our state and local government to expand services to Californians and save taxpayer money for rainy days.

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