Standing with Immigrants at home and at the border

What are we protesting? The latest thing is  the tear gas thrown at asylum seekers at the border, but we shouldn’t stop there. It’s the growing child detention center in Tornillo. It’s the fact that background checks on staff at that detention center have been waived.  It’s the policy of separating families that continues to this day. It’s the fatal abuse of marginalized people such as trans people in ICE custody.

It’s the normalization of brutality against those seeking shelter, and the dehumanization of people for political gain. The willful loss of humanity and morals in a nation that positions itself as a nation of immigrants.

We are protesting against this degradation of our national ideals, and we are standing with organizers who are doing the work to help the people on whom the Administration has inflicted this crisis.

On Saturday, join us at a Candlelight Vigil 5pm-6pm on the corner of Powell St. and Market St. We will hear from CARECEN and SOA Watch about the realities of the migrant caravan at the border, and about the hardships faced by immigrants in ICE detention. We will also be raising money to a fund of 12 groups working directly with immigrants. Donate online or by texting “STOPTHETEARS” to 555888.

If you want to RSVP to the vigil, you can RSVP on Action Network or RSVP on Facebook.

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