ISF condemns the attack on the Muslim community in New Zealand

ISF condemns, in the strongest terms, today’s white nationalist and fascist-inspired attack on the Muslim community of New Zealand.

We see alarming parallels between this mass shooting and others that have occurred in places of worship, such as Oak Creek Wisconsin, Mother Emanuel Church in Charleston, and at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. And we see similar parallels in the anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim rants of the New Zealand killer and the bigoted, violence-inciting rhetoric of American white-supremacist, Christian-identity, white-nationalist, and anti-immigrant demagogues and hate groups here in our own land.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Christchurch and with the Muslim community around the world. Until you are safe, we are not safe.

We reject bigotry, hatred, and anti-immigrant rhetoric and actions in all forms. To respond to this epidemic of hate, we will nonviolently resist through solidarity and love for one another — and we will hold our leaders and ourselves accountable to eliminate bigotry and hate, wherever we see it.

Anna Krasner