​Art of Resistance Postcards

Postcards are a simple and effective way to express your thoughts to elected officials and let them know that you expect them to represent YOU!

The postcard designs below have been contributed by artists who oppose the right-wing, anti-people political agenda that now dominates Washington, DC. 

Note that these are large-format postcards and they require 1st-Class postage (either a 49¢ or "Forever" stamp).

For information on how to use these cards see Instructions below.
Mailing addresses for S.F. members of Congress.

Download and print this design on one side of every card:

Download and print any of the designs below on the other side of each card:



To use these cards, download the card designs you want to use and either send them to a professional printer for reproduction or print them out on your home printer, as follows:

  1. Simply click on an image to download it as a PDF file.

    • Download a message-side design first.

    • Download one or more image-side designs.

  2. Print your cards on 8½x11 inch sheets of cardstock with paper weight of 90 to 120 pounds.

    1. Print the message-side design first and let it dry.

    2. Then print an image-side design on the other side of the card.

  3. After the ink dries, cut each sheet in half to get two identical cards.

For more information see Detailed printing and postage instructions.

© Copyrights to the original art are owned in full by the artists who created them. 
These card designs are provided under an International NonCommercial Creative Commons license that permits individuals and organizations to use them for political purposes but reproduction for commercial use is prohibited.

Lauren Carpenter