We believe in an America that embodies equality, justice, and opportunity for all – a society in which the oppressive and harmful agenda led by Trump has no place. 


We harness our collective power to hold our elected officials accountable to their constituents, at all levels of government.


We protect our neighbors, and the integrity of our democracy, by resisting the Trump agenda.

We demand that our elected representatives advocate on our behalf, at every level of government. We call and meet with them, attend their town halls, and take direct action in pursuit of a fairer, more democratic government.

We use all the skills, tools, and partnerships at our disposal to maximize our effectiveness, while encouraging and enabling others to engage civically and to take part in the democratic process.


We value equality, empathy, and effectiveness. At Indivisible SF, these manifest as follows:

Equality: All voices have a place at Indivisible SF – we welcome members of all social or cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, religions, gender or sexual identities, political or economic perspectives, or levels of experience or ability. We do not just tolerate diversity; we actively seek it, and are strengthened by it.

Empathy: We came together as strangers tasked with creating a better future. It’s up to us to put ourselves in one another’s shoes and consider the perspectives of those who come from backgrounds unlike our own. We respect differing opinions, assume good intentions, are open to new ideas, and take any disagreements as an opportunity to learn and grow. We work to build a community that can endure beyond the current administration.

Effectiveness: We are a community of doers. We are deeply motivated by our vision for our society and recognize the distance we have to go. We pragmatically explore the options available to us and consider results when selecting a course of action. We value evidence-based discourse and nonviolent action and strive to be as impactful as possible.